Monday, April 17, 2017

Want cash and prizes? DGG has a whole lot of gifts in store for loyal members like you!

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Hey peeps,

Hope you guys had a great Easter.

As Donna's Glorious Giveaways continues to develop and grow, I've come up with some initiatives that will hopefully grow DGG's membership base whilst making those members feel like they're part of a club - a club that values their membership and rewards their participation.

The exciting benefits and features to be added to DGG during 2017 can be found under these headings:

DGG's New and Improved Member Rewards Program

DGG's Member Benefits

Feel free to comment on each of these pages because I'd love to get your feedback on these incentives.

By the way, remember to tune in this coming Fri @8:30 pm EDT for DGG's special $20 Cash Giveaway!

Have a great week

Donna (Earn Member Rewards fast by using the share buttons @bottom)

Please join me in my #HealAmerica initiative, born out of major concern for the preservation of American society after the recent divisive election:

American 1st, Republican 2nd American 1st, Democrat 2nd
American 1st, 3rd-Party 2nd American 1st, Independent 2nd
Fellow Patriot, Please Select Your Coffee Mug At Cost So You Can Help Me To #HealAmerica!

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