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Member Benefits of Donna's Glorious Giveaways

Congrats on making the wise decision to join Donna's Glorious Giveaways! Or, perhaps you're still undecided? Below is a list of benefits which all DGG members enjoy:

  1. Monthly Prize Press Participant $5 Cash Giveaway: Takes place every 2nd Wed of the month (entrants must have completed at least 4 e-mail interactions with DGG during the past 4 weeks).

  2. Quarterly DGG Participant $10 Cash Giveaway: Takes place every last Thu of the month (entrants must have completed at least 12 interactions with DGG over the past 12 weeks).

  3. Monthly Recruitment Cash Draw for new DGG followers/subscribers: Any legal adult who visits a page owned by DGG (or Donna Mills) and then follows that page will be automatically entered into the nearest Recruitment Cash Draw, held on the 1st Mon of each calendar month.

    Visitors will receive 1 cash draw entry for each unique DGG page followed. Alternatively, they can gain entry into the nearest cash draw by subscribing to DGG's Prize Press newsletter.

    Prize: Cash award ranging from $15 to $25.

  4. Birthday Bonuses: In exchange for sharing birthday information with DGG, registered members will be awarded a 5-point bonus on their birthday. This automatically qualifies them for the next Top Participant Award... Happy Birthday in advance!

As a registered DGG member, you also get the opportunity to win these prizes.

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