Friday, April 7, 2017

DGG reveals the secrets to getting a massive Twitter audience... fast and FREE!

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Hi there, Blogger family!

It's time to divulge the details that you've been waiting on for the past week: what you have to do in order to get my upcoming book, 100 Twitter Followers in 30 Days Without Spending A Dime, for FREE!

Yes, that's right folks - I will give away the Twitter secrets that I have stumbled upon over the past 2 months, secrets which non-DGG followers will have to buy from Amazon when the e-book is released to Kindle Direct Publishing.

Why am I doing this? It's simple: I just want to show my appreciation for your prolonged interest and loyal following; to show you how important you are to me and to Donna's Glorious Giveaways. A few weeks ago, I told you that DGG's going all out with giveaways this year, and this one promises to be the biggest yet!

So how can you get your hands on that free copy? It's so easy! Just comment on a recent DGG post from any DGG social channel (except YouTube, which is on the back-burner for now) and then complete 1 more social interaction on the corresponding DGG page/post (a "like", +1, retweet, reply, follow, share, shared DGG tweet link or DGG tweet embedded in your post).

My e-mail subscribers will have to add to their address book and then forward a DGG message to at least 1 e-mail contact, with my e-mail address copied (or blind-copied) in. That's it - finito!

Just make sure that you qualify for the free book by May 10 because I'm aiming to have it ready for May 12, exactly 3 weeks after the $20 giveaway launch.

EXTRA, EXTRA! Since my Twitter success, I've been trying out the same techniques on Pinterest, with amazing results so far... wait a minute - I smell another book release! :) More on that later though, as I'm still testing it.

On another note, I'd like to apologize for any difficulty which you, especially my e-mail subscribers, may have faced last week in finding my new DGG branding logo. It basically was caused by Facebook's unforeseen refusal to accept this new logo in a post, which caught me completely off-guard.

I spent so much time trying - unsuccessfully - to get around the problem that, when I decided to redirect persons to Twitter instead, I forgot to include the tweet link!

I know how inconvenient that must've made things for you, so please accept my sincere apology and note that, as compensation, I'm now offering 10 bonus entries to Apr 21's $20 Cash Giveaway!

This is for anyone who goes to that tweet now and shares its link, "likes"/retweets/replies to it or embeds it in their own tweet! Think about it... you could earn 10 bonus entries to the cash giveaway and, with a single comment, also lock-in your free copy of 100 Twitter Followers in 30 Days Without Spending A Dime!

And, to be fair to those who took the time to find that elusive tweet last week, you get double-credit too :) Hope that makes up for all the trouble caused and I'm still trying to get the Facebook post out.

Ok folks, see you next week.

Donna (Please see page-bottom to share this post)

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