Friday, April 21, 2017

Are you ready to win 20 bucks?

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Hi folks,

Guess what? DGG's $20 Cash Giveaway is finally here!

To enter, just select your portal(s) of choice:
  • Facebook (follow or 'like' my page)

  • Twitter (follow my page)

  • Google+ (follow my page or add me, Donna Mills, to your circles)

  • E-mail (subscribe to Prize Press newsletter)

  • Pinterest (follow me, Donna Mills, or at least 1 of my boards) or

  • right here on Blogger (give this post a '+1' or add me, Donna Mills, to your circles)

You may enter via multiple portals, provided that on each one you endorse (i.e. 'like'/'+1') DGG no more than once.

See Official Rules

Good luck!

Donna (Please see page-bottom to share this post)

Please join me in my #HealAmerica initiative, born out of major concern for the preservation of American society after the recent divisive election:

American 1st, Republican 2nd American 1st, Democrat 2nd
American 1st, 3rd-Party 2nd American 1st, Independent 2nd
Fellow Patriot, Please Select Your Coffee Mug At Cost So You Can Help Me To #HealAmerica!

Listen To The Freebie Fairy!The Freebie Fairy says, "Fast-track your Member Rewards by following/promoting
us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube!"

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