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Member Rewards Program from Donna's Glorious Giveaways

- Earned for:
  • New DGG registrations (subscribing, following) - 20 points each
  • Promoting DGG (liking, sharing, endorsing/+1, retweeting) - 12 points each
  • Commenting on DGG posts - 15 points each
  • General interactions with DGG (replying, answering surveys) - 8 points each
  • Guest-blogger bookings - 5 points each
  • Peer Promos bookings - 5 points each
  • Proof-reading bookings - 30 points each
  • Positive or negative testimonials for DGG's Proof-Reading Service in textual/audio format - 15 points each
  • Positive or negative testimonials for DGG's Proof-Reading Service in "face-to-cam" video format - 20 points each
  • DGG Apparel orders - 40 points each
  • #HealAmerica merchandise orders - 50 points each

- Program open to registered DGG members only

  1. Top Promoter Award: Given to persons credited with the most 'likes', shares, endorsements (+1's), retweets or e-mail forwards over the past month (at least 2 promotion credits required).

    In case of a tie, all winners will be awarded a prize.

    Prize: 1 wild card entry each into the nearest Recruitment Cash Draw and into the nearest $5 Prize Press Participant Giveaway (for DGG social followers).

    If any winner is a Prize Press subscriber, he/she will be awarded 2 bonus entries to that giveaway in addition to the Recruitment Cash Draw entry.

  2. Top Participant Award: Given to the person with the most new Member Rewards points accumulated over the past month (at least 5 points required). Up to 3 prizes to be won.

    If there are more than 3 winners, 3 will be drawn at random. The remaining winners will each be awarded 30 Member Rewards points towards the next month's tally. Thereafter, unrewarded winners will receive 60, 90, 120, etc. bonus points each successive month until all of the original winners have been awarded their prize.

    Prize: $5 cash/gift card

  3. Word of the Week (WOW) Bonus: Each week, an arbitrary word from the current DGG blog post & newsletter will be selected as that week's "WOW" word.

    This WOW word will be publicized on all DGG channels, at which time readers/viewers will be encouraged to comment on the original blog post (or to reply to the original newsletter e-mail) with the phrase, "{WOW word}, WOW!".

    For example, for WOW word "sun" the correct comment/reply would be "Sun, WOW!". Character case and punctuation are not important - only spelling matters.

    The first 3 correctly posted blog comments/e-mail replies of this type will earn their authors 15 bonus points each.

  4. Surprise Flash Bonus Quizzes (based on DGG trivia). These quizzes will be e-mailed to Prize Press subscribers on random Tuesdays, with the prize ranging from 5 to 15 bonus points, depending on the quiz's difficulty. The prize will be awarded to the first 3 correct respondents.

  5. Surprise Flash Bonus Rewards for completion of simple tasks. These contests will be e-mailed to Prize Press subscribers on random Tuesdays. The prize is 15 bonus points, awarded to the first 5 finishers.

  6. Free Blog/Giveaway Promotion: Automatic selection for a future Peer Promos edition (must have accumulated at least 15 new points over the past month).

  7. DGG E-Book Discounts: 10% discount on a DGG e-book of your choice with each DGG Apparel order.

    Discount can also be earned by accumulating at least 45 new points over the past quarter.

  8. Free DGG Merchandise: FREE DGG tee, cap, tote or phone case upon accumulating at least 50 new Member Rewards points in any 4-week period.

  9. "Cash for Points" Giveaway: During the last 7 days before Thanksgiving and the last 7 days before Xmas, DGG members who have accumulated at least 5 new points over the 4 preceding weeks will qualify for a special draw.

    The winner of this draw will get cash = 20% of the # of points that he/she has earned over the relevant period, to the nearest $ (5 points = $1).

  10. Member of the Year Award: After the first week of Jan, members with the highest point tally over the past calendar year will each win $10, automatic VIP status and a special Member of the Year tee/cap (minimum of 60 points required). Free tee/cap is limited to 3 winners at a time.

    If there are more than 3 winners, 3 will be drawn at random. The remaining winners will get their free tee/cap 2 months later, 3 persons at a time. This process will be repeated every 2 months until free apparel has been awarded to all Member of the Year winners.

  11. Winners' Circle inclusion for all prize winners.

N.B. Prizes are not mutually-exclusive, i.e. 1 person can qualify for multiple prizes within the same Member Rewards period.

Comments? Suggestions? We invite your feedback below, plus it's a great way to get your Member Rewards tally going!

There are also several benefits to be derived from your DGG membership, as described here.

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