Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Oh boy - my survey people messed up... now I know why you guys weren't finishing it!

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To Err Is Human

Ok, I know what happened now - my survey providers messed up: first with an absolutely microscopic mobile version, then with crazy survey options that did everything but work correctly.

I couldn't test it properly because my smartphone wasn't working and I was kept busy churning out new posts.

End result? Incomplete testing, frustrated followers, no program registrants and an embarrassing outcome :(

Ok - first of all, I can't apologize enough for the poor quality of the surveys thus far. I know that I found it annoying, so I can just imagine how frustrating it was for you guys... it won't happen again, I assure you!

Secondly, I've found a much more professional survey provider and I've tested their new version thoroughly. I promise you that it works fine, ok? Both on mobile and on desktop.

I know that I'm asking a lot in requesting that you try the survey one more time, so you know what?

Remember that 10% bonus dividend I offered last time? Well, I'm gonna knock it right outta the park (along with your socks) by guaranteeing you a whopping 40% dividend for DGG Dividends' 1st month of operation!

That's a HUGE deal... why?

Because not only am I blowing the 30% dividend cap off, I'm super-sizing the bonus from a mere increment on a variable share (that could be as small as 5%) to a fixed, gigantic share that is 10% over the program's maximum and 4 times the stock market's maximum return on investment!

After what you've been through over the past couple of days, you deserve at least that much.

So here's the survey one last time - I'd appreciate it if you'd give it another chance, plus you'll be locking in a 40% dividend in the process.

Sincerest apologies again


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