Saturday, January 13, 2018

A bunch of incomplete DGG Dividends surveys... why?

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Over the past week, I've noticed that several of you have been quitting the DGG Dividends survey after the first couple of questions.

Having explained the entire process extensively, week after week since Dec 18th, it puzzles me that you would still be confused about the reason for or nature/length of the survey.

It can't be that you're not interested in the program - I mean, why else would you actively click through to the survey?

Perhaps you're just misinterpreting what DGG Dividends is. It's not like any giveaway or investment club you've ever seen.

DGG Dividends is basically a co-op rewards program where participants earn their fair share of the co-op's ad revenue, according to the amount of time they've invested during a given month.

It's a co-op because the ad revenue is earned solely through the collaborative efforts of the program's participants.

Although participants must earn their rewards, DGG Dividends holds a major advantage over giveaways because any and everyone who is willing to put in some time will be rewarded.

In contrast, with a giveaway the entire jackpot goes to 1 lucky person who has simply submitted an e-mail address or answered a question correctly.

Not only that, but since the DGG dividend declared is always a percentage of ad revenue and not a fixed amount, the participants' earning capacity is limited only by the amount of time that they're willing to devote to the program. In other words, the sky is indeed the limit.

Lastly, like a giveaway, the only money involved in DGG Dividends is the return that participants receive on the investment of their time: at least 2 minutes (i.e. 1 giveaway entry) per week should yield about $5 after 1 month.

Hence DGG Dividends is a rewards co-op where all of the participants can benefit simultaneously without financial cost, each according to his/her own effort. This is a much fairer, more equitable way of allowing persons to gain extra cash.

The DGG Dividends survey is a simple but effective way of optimizing the program's earnings by presenting only those offers in which the audience is keenly interested.

This in turn ensures the program's longevity because by basing the ads on survey results, the response to and level of interaction with these ads will be so high that advertisers will have no doubt about the audience's worth.

As for collecting e-mail addresses, that's only so that I can quickly and easily pay you your due dividend via Paypal or Amazon. More importantly, it also allows me to easily determine who amongst the participants has earned a dividend share, and how large that share should be.

At no time will I share those e-mail addresses with the advertisers, nor will I use them to send you anything but DGG Dividends-related content. It's all laid out in clauses 4.2 and 5.1 of the rules.

In summary, the momentum, growth and success of DGG Dividends - like all other DGG initiatives - depends totally on your level of interest and involvement.

We need at least 48 more survey completions before the program can take off. Until then, it will remain dead in the water.

I've already done my part by brainstorming the whole concept and setting up the entire framework. I even have some report templates which I would have shared with you this week had the survey results been more encouraging.

Everything has already been put in place... all that DGG Dividends needs now is YOU!

Click here for the survey

Come on, folks - you can do it!

Donna (Please see page-bottom to share this post)

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