Saturday, January 27, 2018

Donna's Glorious Giveaways revives its $20 Super Bowl Cash Giveaway!

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Win Super Bowl Cash With DGG!

Hey, peeps - how's your weekend going?

Well, it's that time again - SUPER BOWL time! And in celebration of this great American tradition, DGG is repeating its $20 Super Bowl Cash Giveaway, starting right NOW!

Yes, I decided that since this is a Super Bowl event, it's only fitting that - like the grand "pig-skin" party - it should be held every year.

Remember how to enter? Just predict the game's winner - simple as that!

One-time entries can be sent in by:

And remember... UNLIMITED bonus entries can be earned by:

  • Following me on any or all of DGG's channels

  • Replying to, commenting on, sharing, re-tweeting or endorsing (via likes, loves, +1's or favorites) any number of DGG posts - including this one about the Super Bowl - which I've personally made on any channel OR

  • Promoting this giveaway to your own following and sending me a link to that promo post as proof

But wait - there's MORE!

If you complete the DGG Dividends pre-qualification survey by the time that entries close, you'll get FIVE BONUS ENTRIES!

Already completed the survey (i.e. answered ALL of the compulsory questions and registered with your e-mail address)? Don't worry, you already have those 5 bonus entries.

So get going, folks - the deadline for entries is kickoff (that's 6:30 pm ET) on Feb 4th!

Read the Official Rules


By the way, did you come looking for a post last week? Sorry about that.

In my last post, I forgot to mention that I'd be launching Donna's Diary on Jan 19th, meaning that there'd be no DGG post on that and every other Fri.

Wanting to stick to my resolve to separate my giveaway and anecdotal posts, when I realized the problem last Fri I opted not to post an ad-hoc notification on this blog.

Had I remembered about Donna's Diary whilst writing the previous DGG post, I would've included that notification as a footnote. Again, my sincere apologies for any disappointment caused.

Donna's Diary (Mobile)Last Week In Donna's Diary:
Donna's Diary Welcomes One And All

Ok, that's all for now. Looking forward to those entries, and I challenge you to get as many bonus ones as you can!

(Click on one of the links in the entry options above to try your luck)

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    1. Good going, Francine! Don't forget to go for those bonus entries - just pick some other posts at random (either here, in e-mail or on social media) to interact with.


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