Friday, June 16, 2017

Excitement builds as DGG turns the corner towards new member goodies in its 3rd year!

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Hi-ya, DGG fans!

Since my 40th birthday bash takes place this evening, I've decided to speed things up this week by giving you more specifics on the prizes and benefits to be enjoyed by you, my followers, over the next couple of weeks.

So, let's get right to it:

  1. Monthly Prize Press Participant $5 Cash Giveaway
    • Launches Jul 12, which means that your participation tallies start from Jun 21... that's next Wed!

    • Only open to e-mail subscribers. Want a shot at the prize? Click here to kick off your prize tally.

  2. June Birthday Bonuses
    • To be awarded (for the 1st time) on Jun 30

    • Awarded to all registered DGG members who have provided DGG with their birthday info (only month and day required)

    • And just because this is DGG's anniversary month, I'll extend the Birthday Bonus award to all June-wed registered DGG members! Isn't that great?

      N.B. In order to receive the bonus, members must provide DGG with their wedding anniversary date (only month and day required).

    • Automatic selection for this member benefit will be awarded upon its launch on Jul 21.

  4. WOW (Word of the Week) Bonus
    • Launches Jun 23, along with new (anecdotal) DGG sister-blog

  5. Flash Bonus Quizzes & Rewards
    • Will start before the end of Jun... when, exactly? Now, why would you want me to spoil the surprise!

  6. FREE Reciprocal Guest-Blogger Program
    • To be announced Jun 23

  7. Proof-Reading Service
    • To be announced Jun 23

Quite an "earful", right? Relax, you only have to remember one thing - the basis for all of DGG's member benefits and awards is interaction and participation. Simply focus on these 2 trivial requirements and the Member Rewards points will start rolling in, ultimately leading to winnings... in fact, some of you are already well on your way!

Ok, I'm off to have a blast this evening. Just stay loyal, engaged and interactive to attract the Freebie Fairy's lucky magic dust :)

Go get 'em this weekend!

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