Monday, April 3, 2017

Are you ready for the new face of Donna's Glorious Giveaways?

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Hi guys,

Thanks for coming back so soon. As promised last Fri, today I will unveil DGG's new branding logo!

It's nothing fancy, but I conceptualized the design with the aim of literally putting the name "DGG" on the brand. That way, it would truly be ours. The rest is just some aesthetic manipulation to help the logo blend in with our social covers.

So how can you earn your 5 bonus entries for Apr 21's $20 Cash Giveaway? Just go to your preferred DGG channel and complete these quick and simple tasks:

Blogger Fans

Please do one of the following:
  • Give the DGG blog your personal endorsement with a "+1"

  • Click the More menu at the top of the page and share the DGG blog via e-mail

  • Click the More menu at the top of the page and share the DGG blog via Facebook

  • Click the More menu at the top of the page and share the DGG blog via Twitter

Google+ Fans

Check out my post of the new logo and either endorse (+1), comment on or share it.

Facebook Fans

Sorry guys, Facebook doesn't seem to like my logo. I think its file size might be a bit too large for it. So the Facebook page will remain the same until further notice.

However, you can still get your 5 bonus entries by liking, sharing or following the page.

Twitter Fans

Check out my tweet of the new logo and either share its link or "like", reply to, retweet or embed the tweet.

E-Mail Fans

Unfortunately, most e-mail systems automatically divert image-bearing messages to the Spam folder. As I don't want you to miss out on your chance to earn the bonus entries, I'll e-mail you a link to the Twitter page. Simply click on that link and then follow the Twitter Fan instructions outlined above.

Is that all? Yep, it's that simple - just choose your DGG platform and follow the simple instructions.

Note that I've left the original logo on DGG's various pages for now because I want you to fully appreciate the changes made.

Ok peeps, I don't want to impose any further on your Mon evening, so thanks again for coming out to the blog 1 extra day and please look out for this Fri's post (8:30 pm EDT) about the 100 Twitter followers/month FREE book offer.

Happy week!

Donna (Share buttons available at bottom)

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