Monday, December 3, 2018

A Giveaway With A Charitable Twist


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Hi folks,

With your indulgence, this week I thought I'd divert from the usual giveaway spread to announce a charitable giveaway which I have devised.

It involves the usual gifting of promotional products, but these products are aimed at creating awareness for an urgent social cause.

Along with its awareness objective, this venture will hopefully also prosper to the point where regular donations can be made to reputable US charities.

So if you don't mind me infringing on the Peer Promos bi-weekly listing one last time, I'd love to share this special and fulfilling event with you freebie fans.

Immediately following is some preamble which explains the whole reason for this charitable promotion and why you really should support it. If you prefer to cut right to the chase, click here.

Well, the election is finally behind us.

The raucous rallies have ceased, our TV's are no longer inundated with scandalous, defamatory, politically incensed ads and the general public has returned to focusing on the holiday season (or as I like to call it, the "festive quarter").

Now as you know, on this blog I always try to stay clear of politics.

So I won't tell you who I voted for, nor will I ask whom you voted for.

I just hope and pray that you voted. It's your only hope of getting the kind of society and future that you want for yourself and your loved ones.

What I'd like to talk about this week is reconciliation.

Over the past 2 months or so, we've said so many hurtful (sometimes untrue) things about each other - wrapped in the guises of nationalism, national security, crime prevention, job security, gender equality, traditional values, etc - that we've inflicted deep wounds upon each other's emotional flesh.

These wounds have cut so deeply that they seem unhealable.

But if we are to survive (and thrive again) as a nation, we must find a way to undo this emotional damage.

We must do it by apologizing to each other, extending olive branches to each other (based on common ground) and by seeking meaningful and lasting reconciliation through compromise on our differences (for the sake of cooperation on the larger issues).

So, what does all of this mean in plain English?

America needs to heal itself.

I've been thinking about this for some time now and I've come up with what will hopefully trigger the healing process and motivate Americans to actively promote (and engage in) social reconciliation within their communities.

If you have your own ideas, I'd love to hear them.


In order to garner interest in my initiative, I'm organizing a giveaway for you - my readers and followers - and anyone else whom you can influence to take part.

It involves some everyday but useful items (with a branded community theme) which are priced at cost for the holidays, but that will be provided FREE OF COST to my followers (1 giveaway item per qualifying follower).

Similarly-branded premium merchandise like phone cases, jewelry, baseball caps and tote bags will also be available at a favorable discount, but - as a "Donna" follower - you're gonna get an even better deal.

Yes - these are simple, everyday items that you probably already have or can get anywhere.

However, these particular items carry a unique, crucially important message for you to promote as you move around your community... that's the whole point of the exercise.

Plus they're costing you either nothing or close to nothing.

How will the giveaway work, you ask?

You can get your free item in one of eight ways1:

  1. Follow my profile page on any of these Donna Mills platforms

  2. Follow any of my Pinterest boards

  3. Share or comment on any of my social posts

  4. Reply to any of my e-mails

  5. For existing social followers: follow me on a different social platform

  6. Review any Donna Mills product/service... yes, it can be negative (but constructive)!

  7. Join and remain on at least one of my e-mail lists

  8. For existing e-mail subscribers: send me a snipped photo or screen capture image either showing as being included in your e-mail contact list or showing that you have forwarded one of my e-mail promos.

    Don't know how to create a screen capture image? Click any of the links below for help, based on your device or operating system:

As soon as you qualify for your free gift, I'll make the purchase and ship it out to you (delivery takes up to 3 weeks).

If you don't want the freebie item, you can select one of the premium store items (links provided below) and e-mail me its link or description.

I'll reply with a link to a special order page where that selected item will be discounted by an amount equal to the value of the giveaway items.

That's it, plain and simple.

1N.B. As of midnight ET on 1/1/19, freebie items will only be awarded once a day for the very first, brand new "Donna" follower (on any platform) or for the very first, existing follower who follows me on a different platform.

This social reconstruction giveaway is officially open until New Year's Eve!

I now invite you to start checking out, commenting on and forwarding the campaign merchandise shown below.

Thanks in advance for your support


HealAmerica: Red Republican Coffee Mug
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HealAmerica: Republican Can Sleeve (Colored Logo)
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#HealAmerica: Red Republican Phone Case HealAmerica: Republican Tote Bag (Colored Logo)
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HealAmerica: 3rd-Party Supporter Coffee Mug (White)
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HealAmerica: Independent Candidate Supporter Coffee Mug (White)
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New merchandise added weekly.

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