Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Giveaways for 6/22 Due To Family Emergency

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Hey there,

I regret to inform you that there will be no Peer Promos giveaways this week because my 68 year-old uncle suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, just 2 days after celebrating Father's Day.

As you can imagine, the entire Mills family is pulling together to support and help out Uncle Mike's wife, kids and grandkids.

I don't know if next week I'll pick up (where I'm leaving off currently) and do a Peer Promos edition.

Whenever my writing schedule is thrown off like this, I tend to let the inspiration of the moment determine what kind of post I'm going to eventually write. That's what artists do, right? We simply go with the flow.

Besides, given recent events, I'm almost certain that I'll be feeling much too emotional to write about promos.

So until 6/29, please keep my uncle and his family in your prayers.

Did you miss last week's special Father's Day post?

Then click here for a good read, great gift ideas (it's never too late to show Dad some appreciation) and a link back to my favorite Father's Day story of all time - from my own childhood.

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