Friday, February 23, 2018

Donna's Glorious Giveaways has big news for giveaway lovers and organizers

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Hi peeps,

Last Fri, DGG member Luke had a reason to smile - even after Valentine's Day - as he was announced the winner of our 2nd annual $20 Super Bowl Cash Giveaway.

The result was published here in the Winners' Circle, and you can read the interesting backstory of how everything unfolded right here.

This week, I have some news about the latest developments here at DGG and what they mean for you. I've been fine-tuning our giveaway platform for about 10 weeks now, so I have a major announcement for giveaway lovers and organizers alike.

As you may have realized, since mid-Dec I've been gradually refining the DGG brand in an effort to give you a never-ending supply of what you came here for in the first place: giveaways, contests and freebies in general.

Doing this exclusively and still keeping the blog afloat financially has been downright impossible for my fledgling operation, especially after losing its financial support to last year's horrific hurricane season. This is why, up until mid-Dec, I was mixing in so many "anecdotal" posts.

Anyway, I'm pleased to inform you that I've found a way to work around the problem. How?

Do you remember the Peer Promos initiative from our 1st year? Well, I've decided to use that as DGG's giveaway engine.

Basically, I'll use the blog to promote (for FREE) other people's giveaways and contests. That'll allow me to showcase several giveaways every fortnight, whilst seeking new sponsors and raising funds for DGG's own future giveaways.

It's a win-win situation: you get what you came for, and I can give it to you without running into major debt.

Great idea, right? Gimme a "+1" if you agree (last I checked, doing that enters you into some kind of DGG contest...).

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You can read more about Peer Promos here.

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