Friday, May 5, 2017

We have a winner! Does that 20 bucks have your name on it?

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Hey, peeps - guess what? One of you won the $20 Cash Giveaway! Wanna know who?

Ok folks, I'll make it short this week.

First of all though, some of you may remember that I initially said that the $20 Cash Giveaway would run for an entire month. I decided to shorten it because the only purpose of this giveaway was to make up for how Feb's Super Bowl Cash Giveaway went down and man, that was a long frickin' time ago... time to pay the piper, right?

Ok, so who won? Our $20 Cash Giveaway winner (and the next DGG member to get their Amazon 'fix' on) is........ Danielle Magee!

See, Danielle? It is possible for you to win giveaways, especially here on DGG! I swear this was sheer coincidence... I think the giveaway stars aligned just to renew your faith!

Hopefully now you won't have any qualms about participating in our next interactive giveaway - I look forward to seeing your submission. Congrats, girl - and just in time for Mother's Day next weekend!

Ok, I said I'd be short and so I shall. Look out for a special, heart-warming Mother's Day post next week... should I add a little treat for you, too? Hmmm, we'll see... but you gotta be there, right?

Alright, 'til next week

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