Monday, February 29, 2016

The results are in... for Donna's Glorious Giveaways' first-ever Flash Bonus reward!


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Hi there, peeps!

Today is very special because DGG has its very first Flash Bonus winner... Trisha Dawn Kilpatrick!

Unfortunately, Trisha didn't have any competition as she was the only one who voted on our new blog design :( I get it - you want $CASH$, not coupons or wild card entries! Trust me, I'm working on it. The problem is the regularity of the Flash Bonus promos... it can really erode the budget. But kudos to Trisha - hopefully a few others will follow suit.

Over the coming week, I'll be updating the Winners' Circle to include all of DGG's winners thus far, with photos! That includes Trisha.

As you probably know,'s service includes blog optimization for mobile. So being the naive person that I am, I've always assumed that my blog always displayed exactly the same way on my phone as it did on my laptop. I mean, it just never occurred to me to check for myself. Luckily, the thought did cross my mind recently and to my surprise (and horror) I discovered that a lot of DGG content was missing from the mobile blog version!

Consequently, I've decided to create a mobile blog and replicate all of my posts from the main blog over to the mobile one. Hopefully this will ensure a consistent visual experience across both media.

The problem is, I have so many posts with so many words, I can never get Blogger's content import function to work. Even after 3 attempts over about 12 hours, I still haven't been able to complete the data transfer! So I'm resorting to the manual process of copying-and-pasting each individual post... yes, it's long as it sounds! If any of you out there have a quicker, FREE method that works, I'll give you that gift card you were looking for :)

So congrats to Trisha and please stay tuned to this blog, the Prize Press newsletter and my YouTube Channel in order to witness the unfolding evolution of Donna's Glorious Giveaways.

Love always


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