Sunday, July 14, 2019

Peer Promos For July 12th, 2019

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'Xmas In July' Giveaway Hop

Hi peeps,

It's been almost 2 months since DGG's last Peer Promos edition and boy, does it feel good to be back!

Special thanks to loyal followers like you who've stuck with me for the extra month. I do realize that giveaway bloggers and vloggers are everywhere you turn these days, so I appreciate your patience.

As a reward, I've stuffed the giveaway sack full of goodies this time around: instead of the usual 5 promos, I'm giving you 33... think it was worth the wait? I certainly do!

This edition of Peer Promos features:

  • FREE laptops, drones, headsets and more from Lenovo's Summer Of Tech promo

  • A Roku Streaming Stick+ giveaway, so you can see all of your favorite shows and movies

  • A Bissell Pet Hair Eraser giveaway (for the "pet parents" who want to clean up fur without clogging up their vacuums)

  • A Western BBQ smoking chips giveaway, including Walmart e-gift cards

  • A Rachael Ray cookware set giveaway

  • An all-expense paid vacation featuring loads of FREE stuff like airfare, accommodation, an ottoman and a year-long meal service

  • A giveaway co-op where you can win up to 26 prizes and

  • A tote bag giveaway

N.B. At first, the listing appears to have just 8 promos. However, one of them includes a co-op of giveaway promoters, numbering 26 in total.

Add that to the other 7 and you get 33, all of which you can win!

In order to view this giveaway listing, click here. Alternatively, along with this month's giveaway listing, you can click here for the opportunity to earn extra "walking around" money in my DGG Dividends paid co-op rewards program.

DON'T MISS A SINGLE GIVEAWAY EDITION: Instead of chasing after giveaways - let them come to YOU!

Just click here to stay "in the know".

The next giveaway listing will be published on Sep 6th.

DGG's Peer Promos For 7/12: The Video

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