Friday, February 22, 2019

Super Bowl $25 Cash Giveaway: The Results Are In!

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The Results Are In!

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Hey there y'all,

Hope you had a fun-filled, restful Presidents' Day last Monday.

After a 3-week break to learn and experiment with some new Facebook skills, I finally have the results of the Super Bowl $25 Cash Giveaway which we ran earlier this month.

Unfortunately, there was no winner because nobody completed a valid entry.

Therefore, in accordance with the giveaway's rules, I'll be announcing a replacement contest in due course.

Speaking of football, the raving fans among you will be very interested in some post-mortems which I wrote for the last 3 big games of the pro season: the AFC Championship, the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

Not the usual game summary - you've already either watched these games live or got the scoop from the press.

I'm talking about a (hopefully) unbiased insight into the subtleties of each match, from a human and psychological perspective.

It's a discussion on why the Patriots seem so invincible... and I'm not talking about talent or fundamentals.

In fact, it just might be the approach which other teams need to take in order to end New England's dominance - or at least to temper it a little.

It occasionally takes someone who's not a technocrat to recognize the deceivingly elusive solution that's staring the experts square in the face. Sports is no different.

Intrigued? Click the links above to learn more.

Ok, I think that's a wrap. Congrats to the Patriots and their fans.

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