Friday, January 5, 2018

Donna's Glorious Giveaways presents DGG Dividends... our final step in the launch sequence

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Hooray, it's finally here - the last hurdle before we dive head-first into DGG Dividends! Don't know what the heck that is? Click here to catch up.

For everyone else, I'm pleased to present the final pre-launch phase for DGG Dividends...

All that stands between you and monthly Paypal/Amazon payments - like clockwork - is an itty-bitty, 5-minute survey. Just complete it this one time and you'll be set for the life of the program.


However, in order to ensure a good match between DGG's audience and the offers put forward by advertisers, I had to enforce the survey completion requirement by requesting your Paypal/Amazon e-mail addresses.

Not only will this allow me to cross-check your dividend claims against the list of survey respondents (the first condition for payment), but it will also enable me to make sure that only those respondents who fill out at least one ad form will get paid (the other payment condition).

This is how I'll make DGG Dividends fair for you and beneficial for advertisers, thereby safeguarding the program's viability going forward. Click here for more details about the program's payment conditions.

This is our last preparation step before embarking on this rewarding journey together.

I say "our" last step because it's very important for you to remember that DGG Dividends cannot take off until at least 50 of you have completed the survey.

Otherwise, the program will just sit there until the number of registrants reaches a level which gives advertisers some measure of assurance about the quality of DGG's audience in relation to their products and services. So it's up to you.

Ok, then - all set for the survey? There it is below!

Looking forward to those 50 submissions so that we can move forward ASAP

Donna (Please see page-bottom to share this post)

Click Here To Pre-Qualify for DGG Dividends

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