Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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Hey, I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

This week, I thought I'd explain a little more about the DGG Dividends program that I introduced last time. That's why this post is so late - the more I wrote, the more detailed my explanations became!

Even though these revisions and my own Xmas preparations have taken me right down to Dec 26th, I wanted to give you as close to 2 weeks as possible to digest how you can get extra cash whilst reading either this blog or Donna's Diary.

Why? Because the soft launch for this new program is Jan 5th!1

Click here if you're ready and rearing to go with DGG Dividends

First of all, let me address some concerns which you may have about DGG Dividends. Its whole purpose is not to make me wealthy (believe me, I certainly don't expect it to).

Do you remember my posts (on 11/17 and 12/1) which spoke of the hardship that my former exclusive sponsor, Casey's Bargain Basement, had suffered as a result of Hurricanes Irma and Maria?

Well, my biggest lesson from that whole ordeal is that no venture - whether it's a business or just a labor of love - should depend on any single partner. Operating in this manner is really living on the edge, even if the stakes are low.

This reckless approach exposes ventures to excessive risk, leaving them at the mercy of our old friend Murphy, who so delights in teaching us hard life lessons!

For every venture partner, the person in charge should have at least one alternate source for the resources which that partner provides.

Funds, staff, materials, tools and equipment - these are all essential to the survival of any venture.

They must therefore be always available to that venture in spite of any setbacks which may befall it due to unforeseen illness, bad weather, tragedy, relationship issues or resource shortages. Otherwise, the venture's organizer is just inviting trouble.

I had no alternate sponsor for DGG. My one and only partner was CBB. I didn't think I was putting all of my eggs in one basket because I was seeing DGG as just a very fulfilling, slightly expensive hobby.

I mean, a mom-blog doesn't need much money... so one "money-guy" is enough, right? Wrong.

The devastation which Irma wreaked on CBB's business premises in Florida, coupled with the utter destruction which the Dominican family of CBB owner Kevin Clarke suffered as a result of Maria, totally obliterated any funds which would have otherwise been allocated to DGG's ongoing operations.

That hard lesson forced me to rethink my M.O. and come up with ways in which DGG could be made either more self-sufficient or more robust.

In terms of funds, being from a single-income household there was no way that I could ask my husband to put even more money into DGG.

Also, finding and pitching new sponsors turned out to be much harder than I'd anticipated (Kevin had been an easy sell because we were already friends).

It was then that I got word of some advertising agencies with clients who were looking for creative ways to gain new customers. My "a-ha" moment came when I realized that I could help out those advertisers by encouraging my readers to check out their offers.

As an incentive, I could offer my readers a piece of whatever action that I got out of the deal. Over time, my blog would grow in popularity and level of follower engagement.

This was my sole motivation for creating DGG Dividends - believe me, I have no delusions of getting rich with this blog... maybe a little famous, but not rich! :)

Furthermore, this initiative costs you nothing but about 7 to 50 minutes per week, depending on how big a return you want from it. So you're simply exchanging a little time for some pocket money - that's all.

DGG Dividends is basically my way of doing a cash giveaway every month without having to foot the bill or raise the funds on my own.

An added benefit that my followers don't see with typical giveaways is that DGG Dividends gives every participant a piece of the pie... the more participants involved or submissions completed, the larger the pie (and by extension, its slices).

Not only that, but you help to determine how large your slice will be by the amount of time you invest.

So when you think about it, DGG Dividends is really the best way to do giveaways: it rewards each participant according to his/her effort whilst remaining affordable for the organizer.

And please, don't think that I'm keeping most of the money whilst you're doing all the so-called "work". You wouldn't know this, but 98% of this blog's traffic comes from social media marketing, which has a cost attached.

Consequently, DGG's share of the ad revenue will be used to recoup those marketing expenses and to fund the other DGG initiatives like our Member Rewards and Flash Bonuses. These initiatives all pay out free cash and other benefits to you, my followers.

So in fact, you're the ones who will end up with the "lion's share" of the ad revenue :)

Everything will be done in a totally transparent and above-board manner, with monthly reports showing the # of participants, # of clicks received, # of submissions completed, the total revenue earned and the revenue split. I will hide nothing from you.

I'll even go against cash flow best practices and pay you BEFORE I get paid (ad agencies typically pay publishers up to 45 days after their commissions are earned).

Ok, now that all of that is over with, let's go over how DGG Dividends actually works.

It starts with a one-time survey, which ensures that the ad agencies for which I work will value your clicks because the ads showcased will be a good match for your interests and demographic.

This first step is absolutely essential - advertisers do not pay for useless clicks. So nothing can happen unless you complete that survey.

It'll just ask very general questions like age range, gender, marital status, etc. - things that can in no way be traced back to you personally. It will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

With that out of the way, the fun begins: I'll display some banners on the blog; you'll click them, register your clicks (for dividend credit) and then complete some single-field forms (1 per banner click) designed by the advertisers. These forms will only have something like a zip code field... that's it!

You can do this with 1 banner (to save time) or with several (to earn a higher payout), depending on your level of commitment.

It's all laid out here, including how the dividend is shared amongst the participants. This is based on their relative number of click registrations.

One change that I've made since last week is that ANYONE can take part in DGG Dividends - it's not restricted to those who have registered as a follower or subscriber on one of DGG's channels.

This will hopefully yield a very high level of engagement and participation, which will in turn reap larger payouts (for you) and more exposure and growth (for DGG) - because everyone will be talking about how much money they earned for a few zip code submits :)

Alright, then - I have to get some sleep before cleaning up the kitchen later today. I hope that you got through with all of your Xmas craziness and can now sit back and enjoy quality time with your family.

Over the next couple of weeks, in your quiet moments, I urge you to spend a little time mentally digesting this whole DGG Dividends concept and how it can benefit you.

As always, I'll be here whenever you need clarification or reassurance about anything.

Happy Holidays and please come back this Fri for a much timelier blog post, where I'll publish the official rules for DGG Dividends.

Much blessings on you and yours

Donna (Please see page-bottom to share this post)

1Due to undersubscription, DGG Dividends will be relaunched for Thanksgiving 2019

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