Friday, December 1, 2017

Donna's Glorious Giveaways is thankful to have made it through adversity

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Hey there, everyone! How was Thanksgiving? Are you all geared up for the holidays now? Gettin' that feeling, huh?

As promised, I have the results for our first two Word of the Week (WOW) Bonus competitions, as well as news about the launches for my FREE e-book (Get 100 FREE Social Followers In 30 Days) and the Donna's Diary sister blog.

First of all, I do beg your indulgence for not sending out this post over Thanksgiving weekend. It was delayed by the very long time required to properly plan out the marketing strategy for my upcoming book launch.

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Realizing that I shouldn't just throw the book at people without first turning them into DGG followers, there was no way that I could say when the book would be ready until I had mapped out all of the timelines for the necessary marketing steps.

This timeline obviously affects the Donna's Diary launch as well, so I really had to take care of it first.

By the way, you probably missed the last edition because I didn't have time to post it anywhere but here (on Blogger). Click here to find out why and to see the previous Word of the Week (WOW word).

Ok, now that you know all of the challenges that DGG's been through over the past 5 months, here are this week's announcements:

  • Sadly, there are no WOW Bonus winners because so far, no-one has responded to the promo :( If you have in fact submitted a response, please reply to this post and I'll re-check for you.

  • Donna's Diary will be launched on Jan 19th. See the "Freebie Fairy" section below this article in order to be reminded at the appropriate time.

  • Given the staggering number of book launch elements, the need for me to research several of them and the fact that - since the BP scare - I have to pace myself, the e-book giveaway will have to wait until the first week of June, aka DGG Anniversary Week

Now I know that Thanksgiving is behind us, but I still want to share with you a heartfelt list of things for which I am truly grateful:

  1. For starters, I'm grateful that the relatives and store of my business partner Kevin all survived the ravages of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

  2. My mom's longevity and the way she's been able to rebound from her diabetes complications, glaucoma ordeal and leg amputation.

  3. The fabulous birthday banquets she and I both enjoyed for her 80th and my 40th.

  4. My wonderful husband and amazing kids, who fill my life with such happiness.

  5. The wake-up call I got with respect to my own health, which has taught me the importance of pacing myself. Now I take time to look after "me" so that I can be there for my kids for years to come.

  6. I'm also thankful for my aunt's continued cancer remission and my cousin's indomitable spirit as she struggles with her colon cancer.

  7. I thank God that my sister was able to walk away from a really bad car accident with just a few scrapes and bruises.

  8. My son Dominic's ability to overcome the troubled relationship which he shared with his last elementary school teacher, thereby allowing him to catch up with his studies and make a smooth transition into junior high.

  9. Finally, there's YOU! All of this would be a complete waste of time without someone to read and enjoy it, so thank you for being such a loyal reader.

So, what about you? Have you written your gratitude list? I'd be very interested to read it, if you want to share.

In any case, just remember to always give thanks for the important milestones, people and blessings in your life. Things are just that - things.

Until next time, take care and be thankful.

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