Friday, March 17, 2017

The results are in! DGG survey says...

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Hello, loyal readers!

Well, it's finally time to bring our pre-giveaway survey to a close. Over the past two weeks, I've given you the opportunity to tell me when is the best time to present you with giveaways.

To be honest, based on your response I almost scrapped the $20 giveaway.

That is, until I realized what I did wrong. I was so bent on using the giveaway to build up my subscriber list that I tried to force my social followers onto my e-mail list. I know now that this was a huge mistake because people never stray outside of their comfort zones, especially when it comes to their hobbies and interests.

I mean, if you enjoy hanging out on Google+ or Facebook, why the heck would you want to join yet another e-mail list? Just to prove that you can clutter up your inbox with even more stuff you'll never read? Besides, if you follow me on social media then everything I post there ends up in your inbox anyway!

So lesson learnt and please accept my sincere apology. From now on, I'll allow giveaway entries from the favorite hangouts of all of DGG's followers. There are much less stringent ways of encouraging e-mail subscribers.

So what are the survey results? Given that I botched the whole thing, they really aren't that useful because only 3 out of an estimated 320 DGG followers (across multiple channels) responded. That doesn't mean that I'll discard the information so kindly submitted by those 3 faithful subscribers because, like I always say, everyone deserves to be heard. Accordingly, I will use the results to reach those specific subscribers more effectively. Plus I'm gonna give 'em a couple of bonus entries to the upcoming $20 giveaway :)

On another note, last weekend I hope many of you saw and had the opportunity to take part in Lori Greiner's "Pay It Forward" giveaway. I stumbled across it completely by accident on Twitter and couldn't pass up the golden opportunity to share it with dear friends such as yourselves.

Did any of you win, or did you have an interesting experience whilst playing? Please let me know and I'll be sure to share it with everyone here, as well as to promote any project that you're currently involved in. Remember, I've landed a few big fish over the past month (The Mindy Project, Nickelodeon TV, Teen Titans, Lost In Oz, Saints and Soldiers and Charles in Charge) so it could be well worth your while!

But wait, what about the $20 giveaway? Two weeks ago it was 7 weeks away, so that leaves 5 more weeks (I know, I know)!

Guess what, though - to help pass the time, I've come up with a way to replace the survey as an entry condition for the giveaway. This will assure me of some level of commitment from you whilst justly atoning for making participation in the survey such a hard choice for most of you. Details will be posted next Fri, Mar 24 at 7:30 pm CDT.

So that's it for another week. I urge you to stay the course with me as we push on towards our next giveaway.


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