Sunday, February 19, 2017

2 people won $10 in last week's giveaway... is one of them YOU?

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Over the past 2 weeks I've been feeling really good about finally coming back home to cash giveaways. It's been a long, really rough road for DGG over the past 18 months or so but we're just starting to rise above it all.

Added to the thrill of actually fulfilling our mission was the excitement of the Super Bowl itself... I mean, who would've thought, right? I'm so sorry that the giveaway idea came to me so late in the game (so to speak) - it would've been fantastic to have you guys guessing like crazy over who was going to win! Unfortunately, most of you would've only received your entry invitations after the game. Still, I was glad to do it.

So who won the three $15 grand prizes or $10 consolation prizes? Check out the Winners' Circle!

What did you think about the giveaway?
I'd really like to know... after all, you guys left a lot of money on the table. For some strange reason, only two of you answered that super-simple quiz! Between that and the advance entries for the upcoming giveaway, each of you threw away at least 1 chance to win a total of 30 bucks - I'm beginning to think that you don't like money! :)

But because I know that cannot be true, I can't help thinking that I made some mistake or overlooked something. So tell ya what - send me a reply or comment explaining: 1) why you didn't take part and 2) how I can persuade you next time and I'll enter you into an immediate $15 giveaway! Remember, folks - you've left me some mula to burn, so it just might be worth your while... just saying ;) Thanks in advance for that feedback.

The winners of the Super Bowl Giveaway will be contacted by Feb 20.

My sincere thanks go out to my giveaway partners:
Mom Knows It All!
Family Focus
Amazon Prime - Happy Prime Day!Save More, Spend Less With Heidi
RandomMommy.comCasey's Bargain Basement

Congrats to the winners and I hope next time more of you will play along.


  1. I didn't take part because I do not like taking extra time answering questions, because usually they are never ending and then I feel like a fool for trying.

    1. Hi Danielle (I absolutely loooove that name - so pretty!), thanks for the feedback!

      I'm sorry that you've had negative experiences before. Rest assured, however, that DGG's quizzes will always be uncomplicated and made up of a single question.

      In fact, the hardest thing about our Super Bowl giveaway was being able to guess the winner in advance - which is why the $5 bonus was offered.

      As you can see from the Winners' Circle, though, even those who couldn't commit to a Super Bowl champion before the game ended still got 10 bucks for reporting the result. So I hope this encourages you to participate next time ($20 bucks on the line).

      Thanks for sticking with me.

    2. That should read 20 bucks on the line... typing faster than I'm thinking :)

      Happy Presidents' Day, y'all!

    3. Hey, Danielle? Me again.

      Just informing you that your reply to this blog post, which started this entire thread, has earned you 8 Member Rewards points and 2 bonus entries to today's $20 Cash Giveaway!

      Can you imagine? Your post is over 2 months old, yet it could still land you 20 bucks or more! I love doing this, 'cause I LOVE engaged followers like you!

      So thanks, good luck and please keep communicating with me.


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