Friday, January 20, 2017

Yes, Donna's still here

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Hello dear friend and Happy New Year. It's still Jan, so I think it's still ok to say that :)

For me 2017 has opened with sadness (at all the entertainers, athletes and loved ones lost last year), uncertainty (with the presidential transition) but also with hope. Hope that, after the deluge of deaths in the entertainment industry and in my own family, I will have much to rejoice about in the coming months. Hope too that Pres Trump's next news story will be about "rallying his troops" and earning the respect of all Americans (all people, for that matter) instead of reporting on another Twitter tirade. And of course, hope that America will find a way to reunite under the leadership of one of its most controversial commanders-in-chief. Yes, I pray that 2017 will bring us all much fulfillment and healing.

In my last post I promised to keep writing every week, even if I couldn't muster more than a couple of sentences. However, fate had other plans for me. First my dear uncle-in-law had a stroke at 90 years old. His sudden demise brought back vivid memories of my late aunt's (his wife's) own illness just 7 months prior. I could tell you that I was busy doing hospital visits but the truth is, I felt so emotionally drained that I could barely function, let alone focus on writing a blog post. He died less than 2 weeks later.

That was followed by a flu wave which swept through my household early this year, with my turn coming about 2 weeks ago. Actually, I fell ill just a couple of days before my husband got better. We were both exhausted after nursing the kids back to health. Having sacrificed the blog for my kids, I had to do it again because I was very weak and Rick actually hid the family pc from me so that I couldn't post anything. I don't know about you, but I need a desktop or a LARGE virtual keyboard to write anything longer than one sentence... I can't deal with the finger-tapping and auto-correct - probably a 'Gen X' thing!

Anyway, after an unexpected, extended hiatus last year I planned for up to 2 month's blog dormancy this time around. Being already 3/4 of the way there, I guess I'll have to tighten up!

Given all of the recent celebrity deaths and how much all of these talented souls influenced my life, I thought it best to pay tribute to them with some special videos. Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing these videos with you, and I hope you will take the time to view and comment on them.

So that's what's coming up. I hope you had a much more cheerful holiday season than I did and I invite you to join me in 2017 as I attempt to build on the good and repair or put aside the bad from last year.

Your friend as always,


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