Friday, March 4, 2016

My mom is amazing!


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Hi y'all,

This week I'd like to get a little personal. You would remember that my mom's diabetes worsened last summer, culminating in the amputation of her left leg. Well I'm happy to report that she has rebounded about 90%, scurrying around the house in her new wheels.

I'm so relieved that she was able to accept her plight, mentally prepare for it and make the necessary adjustments to her daily routine. She's doing really, really well. In fact, she's pretty much back into the swing of things: laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping, cooking and even baking! Yes, that physical therapy is really paying dividends. Actually, we "kids" often have to stop her from trying to do even more stuff than she used to with both legs!

The only thing that she depends on us for is transportation because she's only just started doing prosthetic consultations. Consequently, she needs help getting to physical therapy, her regular doctor, her specialist, the grocery store, the hairdresser (when she can't make a house call) and the occasional outing with her friends. We try to simplify the arrangements by consolidating our shopping with hers and we continue to attend church as one big family.

Mom certainly seems determined not to miss out on anything... hobby-shopping, school activities, picnics, the lake, the movies, family night at Applebee's - she's yet to turn down an invitation! I'm pretty sure she's chomping at the bit to join us for a vacation :)

Even though she's a lot slower (and sleepier) now due to her extensive drug regimen, her mind is still pretty sharp. She often tutors her grandchildren and the young ones at church to improve their grades and handwriting skills. That woman does not like to be idle - not at all!

So that's Mom for ya... challenged, yet indomitable!

Thanks for "listening", and I wish all the best for your mom.

Until next time


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